Complete map of Hyatt hotels (with award prices)

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Hyatt hotels are priced according to award category. All Hyatt hotel brands fall into Categories 1 to 7 — but a select few Small Luxury Hotels (a fun Hyatt partner) wander into Category 8, which is expensive.

Hyatt hotels are many miles and points enthusiasts’ favorite hotel chain. Hyatt points are easy to earn, and Hyatt has the most consistently high standard of any major hotel chain — in my opinion. We’ve created an interactive map of all Hyatt hotels, including award category and award price, to help you quickly scan planet earth for Hyatt properties that’ll be near your desired vacation destination.

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Below is a chart of standard award night prices for most Hyatt hotels. Hyatt also intends to roll out peak and off-peak pricing at some point in 2021. Read our Hyatt award chart for a full explanation.

Award chart for standard rooms 

Hotel categoryOff-peakStandardPeak
Category 13,5005,0006,500
Category 26,5008,0009,500
Category 39,00012,00015,000
Category 412,00015,00018,000
Category 517,00020,00023,000
Category 621,00025,00029,000
Category 725,00030,00035,000
Category 835,00040,00045,000

Using the award chart for suites

Standard suite award night

Hotel categoryOff-peakStandardPeak
Category 16,5008,0009,500
Category 211,50013,00014,500
Category 317,00020,00023,000
Category 421,00024,00027,000
Category 529,00032,00035,000
Category 636,00040,00044,000
Category 743,00048,00053,000
Category 856,00061,00066,000

Premium suite award night

Hotel categoryOff-peakStandardPeak
Category 17,00010,00013,000
Category 213,00016,00019,000
Category 318,00024,00030,000
Category 424,00030,00036,000
Category 534,00040,00046,000
Category 642,00050,00058,000
Category 750,00060,00070,000
Category 870,00080,00090,000

As always, let us know if there’s something we missed. Happy hotel planning!

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